2014 Beechworth Celtic Festival

Another Celtic Festival has rolled around. We had beautiful weather at Beechworth, clear and sunny all day. It made the time we spent in the park all the more enjoyable. A very big thank you to Stuart Dye, Lynn Buck and our many supporters for helping out.

AWPD played several times during the day – outside the pubs in the main street, the lunchtime and twilight parades and with our friends at the Scots School Albury Pipe Band in the park. Here are a few snaps from the day:

Massed Drum Corps 1

Massed drum corps at the lunchtime parade

Massed Drum Corps 2

The engine room for massed bands

Massed Drum Corps 3

The bass line of the massed bands

The view from Tanswells 2

The band playing outside the Brewery in the morning

Relaxing in the Park

Relaxing in the park after between performances

The view from Tanswells

No-one ever said AWPD were shy in front of a camera!


AWPD after the Celtic Festival