AWPD Members go Solo

This year the Scots School Albury Pipe Band, in conjunction with the Canberra Burns Club Pipe Band, hosted a solo competition at the Scots School Albury. The day was cloudy but didn’t really rain and while quite cold, the conditions in the rooms provided by the Scots School were very good. With the welcome addition of a sausage sizzle and St Kilda Retail bringing all kinds of goodness down from Queensland, the scene was set. A group of AWPD members participated, both on the boards and with the judging pen in hand. The results weren’t as important as the participation and all members learned from the experience. It was excellent to see learner pipers having a crack at the solo mode of competition piping. This requires a different skill set to the usual band performance or competition. Well done to all the guys and girls that got out amongst it.

The results were:

Practice Chanter Section:
3rd – Ray Grant

Novice Piping:
3rd – Ray Grant

D Grade Piping Slow Air:
1st – Roger Buck
2nd – Jimmy McNair

D Grade Piping 2/4 March:
1st – Roger Buck

C Grade Piping 2/4 March:
2nd – Jack Dempsey

B Grade Piping MSR:
2nd- Jack Dempsey
3rd – Angus Beath

B Grade Piping Hornpipe & Jig:
2nd – Angus Beath
3rd – Jack Dempsey

B Grade Piobaireachd:
1st – Angus Beath

A Grade Piping:
3rd – Angus Beath