2016 Tumbafest!

Saturday at Tumbafest!
A great day was had by those who attended Tumbafest.
A nice mixture of personalities and sounds from Wangaratta, Canberra, Wagga and Albury Pipe bands entertained the small crowd which had gathered next to the creek.
The band then proceeded up to the main street where a footpath march to the local bakery took place for lunch.
After lunch the band then made its way to the local aged care facility where melodious pipe music was played for the residents.
It was greatly appreciated with a member of the facility making his way down to where the band was playing expressing thanks and gratitude.
We would like to thank Jo-ann for providing a lovely lunch from the Tumbarumba Bakery. If you ever visit this lovely place make sure you visit the Tumba Bakery. It is a small family owned bakery serving delicious food.
At the conclusion of the day some band members retired to the local watering hole to gather strength for the trip home!


– Barry Prater (contributing writer)