ANZAC Day 2016

Another  ANZAC Day has arrived and been commemorated by the band. With soloists heading to Albury, Wodonga, Howling and other regional areas for dawn services, the men and women of AWPD have done us all proud.

The band led the Albury street march this year, proudly stepping up to an enormous crowd along Dean St. Weather conditions were a bit more pleasant this year – indeed it was a magnificent day.

Some images from the street marches:


The Wodonga street march was much of the same and the band went from there to the SS&A Club for a quiet recovery beer (provided by the club – Thank You!) and a tune, then onto the Commercial Club where we finished up with sandwiches and a couple more beers. Thank you to both clubs for their generosity.

A big well done to the band for their hard work during the day and all the prep work before hand.