Bunnings BBQ a success and the bandroom is coming together!

Thanks to everyone who supported the band by buying a snag or a drink over the weekend at Albury Bunnings. It was a great little event.

A huge thanks to the volunteers working together to result in the band raising $1,145 after costs. A big thanks to Neill, Carl, Barry, Milton, Andrew, Heather, Fiona, Elyse, and Racheal and Erin for the time and effort every one put in to making the BBQ a success. With more volunteers and community donations, our next BBQ (hopefully in 6 months time) will be even more successful.

Heather, Neill and Fiona cooking up a storm

Elyse, Heather, Rachael, Barry and Neill feeding the hungry!

And after all that fun, Neil and Barry got together to put the cupboards and shelves back in place after our move. Now we can put stuff away neatly! Thanks guys!

Mmm look at that sweet cabinetry! Top work by Neill and Barry

Clearly a busy weekend for Neill and Barry! If you’d like to see more – come down to band practice on a Thursday and meet the team!