Like any community group we rely on help from our sponsors and friends of the band.

The band wish to acknowledge the following amazing sponsors:


The SS&A Club have donated thousands to us over the last 20 years, including a major component of our new drums and harnesses. The donations from the Club have funded our ongoing maintenance efforts, replacement of reeds in the bagpipes and contributed to the overall ability of the band to get people uniformed and onto the stage (as it were). We are very grateful to the SS&A Club and look forward to working with them into the future supporting community projects and performances.

Bee Dee Bags sponsored the band in the purchase of our new kilts – which look amazing and we are very grateful for them supporting us.

COMMERCIAL CLUB red backgroud logo

The Commercial Club Albury have been a long term and generous sponsor to the band – both monetarily and in their magnificent hospitality to the band. The band has long enjoyed the relationship with the Club and look forward to it continuing over the years to come.


AlburyCity Council have been a major supporter of the band, and recently donated funds to help us purchase our beautiful new sporrans. These really completed the look for the band. In return we have been delighted to perform at a range of community events, including Grandparents Day at the Botanic Gardens.


The band have successfully applied for the 2AY Border Trust grants over the last few years. These have been applied against our ongoing instrument maintenance costs and towards the provision of our new uniform.